“Surprise & delight” social media marketing example from Alfa Romeo


You created your business’s social media channels, paid for organically earned your fans and followers and perfected your social content distribution. You monitor your posts like a hawk looking for likes and comments – anything to spark a conversation and improve your content engagement rate.

Instead of waiting and hoping, why don’t you follow an example from Alfa Romeo UK, a luxury car company with very passionate brand advocates, that transformed a simple Twitter interaction into a perfect “surprise and delight” marketing opportunity

In July of 2015 one of the posts that came across Alpha Romeo’s social media listening desk was from a disappointed customer who missed the opportunity to purchase a car and subsequently tweeted a very sad poem to @AlfaRoeoUK.

Alfa Romeo’s response was swift and … priceless. They posted their own poem.

Engagement opportunities in social media not always come in response to your published content. Customers have conversations about your brand several if not several hundred times every day. All you need is listen and react.

Well done Alfa Romeo!

Photo attribution: Georg Sander on Flickr

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